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6 Secrets to Becoming an Effective Networker

29 May 2018

Category: Lead Generation

Lead generation from referrals through networking. A sizeable chunk of new business for me this year has come from Referrals and those Referrals have come from the Networking I do. Most people know the names and venues for the popular local networking groups but just turning up to these groups isn’t enough I’ve found. There are other things


Get Your Staff To Put 100% Into Their Jobs

26 April 2018

Category: Staff Productivity

The problem is: how can you get all your staff on board and working 100% towards the new business goals? How can you increase staff productivity? You might recognise the scene: the directors have big plans for the business and are making changes to established work patterns to achieve them. But some staff are less than enthusiastic and others downright disruptive.


Client Wins £20,000 Business Grant

29 September 2017

Category: Business Finance

I’m pleased to say that I’ve assisted one of my clients, Sugden Ltd of Barrowford, gain over £20,000 in business grant funding recently. The Lancashire Business Growth Fund is the fund we acccessed. It’s true to say Sugdens are a marvellous manufacturer with a great product led by an inspirational MD. But without my connections they may not be £20,000 better off.


Music For Business

24 September 2017

Category: Lead Generation

It happens to us all in business from time to time. We’re having a bad week in the business: the promised orders haven’t arrived, the cheque’s still in the post, we’ve lost out on a contract we thought was in the bag and whatever we do we just can’t get those sales in. It’s not often anyone talks about the less than excellent times, but when they happen in business, I turn to music to get myself going again. What do you do and how do you turn yourself round ?



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