Music For Business

Music For Business

24 September 2017

Category: Lead Generation

It happens to us all in business from time to time. We’re having a bad week in the business: the promised orders haven’t arrived, the cheque’s still in the post, we’ve lost out on a contract we thought was in the bag and whatever we do we just can’t get those sales in. It’s not often anyone talks about the less than excellent times, but when they happen in business, I turn to music to get myself going again. What do you do and how do you turn yourself round ?

I put on the music and listen to my inspirations playlist. On there is a right mix of everything from Bing Crosby’s Accentuate the PositiveM People’s Moving on Up, and Style Council’s Ever Changing Moods to Mariah Carey’s Hero, R Kelly’s The World’s Greatest and Queen’s We are the Champions. Other business contacts tell me in such times they listen to Black Sabbath, REM and Lady Gaga amongst others.

I’m interested to know what gets you motivated again, what makes you get out of bed in the morning ready to get back into the fray, as it might do the same for me, so email me and let me know.

And if ever you hear me singing Queen’s Don’t Stop me Now or Louis Prima’s Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) you’ll know what type of a week I’m having.

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