Business Finance Assist

Business Finance Assist

How to win Grant Funding for your Business

Why do you need business finance?

There’s a variety of reasons. You may need business finance to start or grow your business, to buy at lower prices and raise profits, to increase stock levels, expand capacity in resources, premises, staff or outlets. Whatever you need finance for, JKBA can help.

And we can help in 2 main ways:

  • Grant funding
  • Writing plans to win business finance

Grant Funding

There are several business grant funds available for small and medium sized businesses just like yours but it does depend on certain factors such as:

  • how long have you been trading?
  • which local authority area are you based in?
  • which industry sector are you in?
  • how many more staff do you plan to employ?

These grant funds do change regularly when the fund is all spent.

European monies are behind most business grant funds and the UK will have access to these til at least 2022.

Since 2014 we have compiled a list of business finance available in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. And we work with the main funding bodies e.g. we are approved and registered as advisers attracting grant funding with Manchester’s Business Growth Hub and Boost Lancashire. JKBA’s current info on business finance options is available for FREE download here but we would really like you to be successful in accessing grant funding so we also offer our services to help you win funding.

We can:

  • complete grant forms on your behalf
  • introduce you to the people holding the purse strings
  • facilitate meetings with the grant holders
  • keep in touch so that forms are submitted at the correct time
  • oversee the process from start to end


AT JKBA we believe that if you or your business is eligible and the grants funds are available, then you should know about them and we will do all we can to help you access the grant funds so do get in touch now: or call Jeanne on 07740 625 080.

Writing plans to win finance

If grant funding is not enough and you need considerably larger sums of business finance, then we can help you in several more ways. We can:

  • complete applications forms for you
  • develop and complete cash flow forecasts and budgets
  • develop and complete business plans to maximise your success
  • develop sales and marketing plans with costed budgets and forecasts


Recently we helped one manufacturer in Lancashire win a grant in excess of £21,000 from the Lancashire Business Growth Fund and here are some other examples of our successes:

Business Spend Funding
Food Manufacturer £ 51,500 £ 26,000
Furniture Installer £ 11,500 £ 6,000
Printer £ 13,500 £ 7,000
Equipment Manufacturer £ 13,500 £ 7,900
Brewer £ 25,500 £ 13,000
Silicone Enginering £ 23,500 £ 12,000
Chartered Surveyors £ 10,700 £ 6,500



As a specialist consultancy working with owner-managed and family businesses we can help you in the following key areas:

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