Business Plan Assist

Business Plan Assist

How to grow faster with 1-2-1 Expert Business Coaching

Why do you need a plan?

A business plan can help in many ways: to start a business, to re-focus a business, to achieve your business growth ambitions, to increase profits generated, to gain market share, to get finance or investment from a bank/lender, to get the best price when you sell the business etc. Whatever your need for a business plan, JKBA can help you establish and achieve your objectives.

We use a variety of tools, developed from more than 35 years in business, to help you develop the plan that your business needs. Those 35 years have given us knowledge, insight, experience, best practice, short cuts and know-how – all things that we use for your benefit, to mine for the richest seams of growth and possibilities you might not have known were there.

Our key tools include the JKBA Business Development Model. This covers 3 main areas:

  • Analysis – where the business is now
  • Vision – where you want the business to be, its mission and values
  • Obstacles – what could stop you reaching your objectives; and setting plans to overcome them

This model challenges you to think and act differently to really achieve the business that you’re capable of creating. When you have completed work on the model, it will be much easier to compile your business plan as you will be clearer about:

  • The essentials to include in the business plan
  • The first steps to take to achieve your ambitions
  • The signposts along the way that show you are on track – or not!
  • The information that convinces a bank or lender to support you
  • How to present your business in the best way to customers and lenders


The JKBA Business Development Model is available for FREE download here because we believe that the tool is the map that shows you the way forward.

But without our experienced business know-how you could take the wrong path... and that’s where our 1-2-1 executive business coaching comes in. We really care about your business and through coaching will help you build up an achievable, inspirational, sustainable strategic business plan - with realistic targets for your business, not something that leaves you feeling short-changed and disappointed.

So call us today and ask us how we can help you achieve your goals. Call Jeanne on 07740 625 080 or email and let’s get your plan started.

  Jeanne is especially good at separating the wheat from the chaff 

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