Lead Generation Assist

Lead Generation Assist

How to Win & Keep New Customers

Most companies who work with an external consultant or coach, particularly small & medium enterprises (SMEs) selling business to business (B2B), believe they have a problem with sales and lead generation. And most times, after JKBA’s initial no-obligation consultation, we agree that sales is a problem, but it’s not what they think.

It is most likely a problem because they are underselling themselves and don’t appreciate that if they tweak their sales presentation or offer, in the right way with JKBA’s help, then selling and generating leads will become much easier.

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From experience most clients jump to a solution before they have done a thorough analysis or review for their business. And without the thorough review, they may come to a false solution.

At JKBA we start at the beginning and use our tool: 7 key questions leading to business success to ensure we have analysed the business thoroughly so we can help business leaders build their sales and generate leads.

By working through this tool, business leaders:

  • Develop a focussed approach to leads and sales rather than a scatter gun approach 
  • Begin to better understand the profile of their best customers so they can target their energies better
  • Begin to sell to customers the benefits of their products and services rather than just the features – and it’s benefits that customers want: what it does for them and how it makes them feel
  • See the business from their customers’ eyes to help them more easily win business
  • Start to separate their business from the competition
  • Begin to focus more on the value they offer than just the product


This 7 key questions leading to business success tool is available for FREE download here because it’s the results from using the tool that are most important, not the tool itself.

Once the tool is completed, the planning done and strong foundations built, then the selling and lead generation process will be much easier because business leaders are clearer on their sales proposition and how to generate leads.

Next it’s a question of moving into the selling process. JKBA specialises in coaching business to business organisations through the sales and marketing process. We can help with maximising lead generation from:

  • website and search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • social media marketing
  • email and direct marketing
  • networking and referral marketing
  • PR and publicity
  • presentations
  • in addition to developing and using a sales pitch for phone, email or face to face meetings

We have developed our own Marketing Workshop Toolkit which helps you answer the 7 key questions leading to business success to make the whole process of lead generation easier for business leaders.

If you want a chat on a no-obligation basis, call Jeanne Kelly now on 07740 625 080 or email jeanne@jkassist.co.uk

A further way we help with the lead generation process is through training in customer management good practice. Loyal customers are what most business leaders want and at JKBA we have tried and tested ways to develop loyalty. It is said it costs 15% more to win business from a new customer that one who has bought from you before, so JKBA believes the existing customer base is the place to start to generate sales – once all your planning has been done.

To talk to us about customer management call Jeanne now on 07740 625 080 or email jeanne@jkassist.co.uk


As a specialist consultancy working with owner-managed and family businesses we can help you in the following key areas:

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