Performance Management Assist

Performance Management Assist

Why performance management matters

All successful business leaders need other people to help them achieve their vision. So managing the performance of staff and getting them fired up and enthusiastic i.e. increasing staff productivity, is so crucial for business success.

Performance management at JKBA involves 3 key aspects:

  • Setting objectives that staff want to contribute to
  • Improving staff performance and achievement of business objectives
  • Holding people to account for the objectives that they signed up to


In all of these ways JKBA can help you achieve better performance management and improve staff productivity so that your business goes in the direction you want it to.

We can also assist you with any issues you have with Change Management, Executive Development or Leadership and Management Training.

If you want a chat on a no-obligation basis about how we can assist you with any of these issues of performance management, call Jeanne Kelly now on 07740 625 080 or email

At JKBA we work with business leaders like yourself to help improve staff productivity in a variety of ways:

• We can help you develop a business plan and/or company vision with mission statement and values and clear objectives for the future 6 months, 12 months and 36 months. Visit our Business Plan Assist page for more info.

• We facilitate workshops that involve you and all your key staff enabling them to contribute to your vision and ensuring they have buy-in and your vision will be achieved

• We conduct fun personality profiling workshops with you and all your key staff so that everyone understands each person’s motivations and drivers and sees clearly how to work best as a team

• We evaluate and share the key team’s learning and communication styles. These are important if you want to get the best out of each person, eliminate misunderstandings between people and forge ahead in achieving vision and objectives

• We review and share information on how the team like to be managed. Understanding this also impacts greatly on achieving objectives

• We discuss with the key team the variety of staff management techniques they could use to get the best out of their staff and better manage performance and productivity

• We can help you conduct staff appraisals, plan for best practice with appraisals, manage difficult conversations in addition to interviewing and selecting new staff.


As a specialist consultancy working with owner-managed and family businesses we can help you in the following key areas:

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